Welcome to Sacred Inquiry ~ a gateway to your soul’s larger wisdom

Bringing soul-filled answers to your important life questions, Sacred Inquiry is a multifaceted session in which your higher wisdom is revealed.  Through connected and deep listening, the answers you need emerge as we ask for your highest good to be served. Tangible, practical, and actionable guidance for all aspects of your life is offered. I am honored to introduce my clairvoyant intuitive, coaching, and consulting services.Victoria-e1452722676839

Over my 35 year career as a Healing Arts Practitioner, I have developed and refined what I call, Sacred Inquiry. Utilizing a deep listening process, I hear, see, and sense clear messages that show themselves through words, life patterns, and stories.  As a clairvoyant intuitive and medium, I see and sense a cohesive tapestry of life themes and details as the puzzle pieces fit together in the course of a session.
As the portal opens, messages from passed-over loved ones, health information, business, personal, family questions, career and project guidance may all be accessed.

Whether your session happens over Skype, by phone or in person, the Sacred Inquiry process is the same.  Using a body scanning technique I’ve created called Body Map, we tune into your body’s internet system through visionary cranial sacral holds, acupressure points, and other intuitive techniques. It is my honor and hope to provide you with inspiration, tools, and guidance that can positively shift the course of your life in liberating and fulfilling ways.

Since ancient times, societies worldwide have honored the oracular gifts. For example, in the Celtic tradition, the Anamcara or “soul friend” is sought out for soul-centered  counsel. My career and personal calling have been guided by a lifelong passionate desire to serve as a bridge, a conduit, for people to remember who they really are as body, mind, and spirit in union.

For more information about my history as a Natural Health Care Practitioner, and for services offered in person, please follow this link to the Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center in Carmel, California, acupuncturemontereybay.com.

To enjoy my Visionary Paintings as sacred imagery and metaphor for our lives ~ please go to Gallery.

Blessings on your journey,
Victoria Nethery ~ Sacred Inquiry

Education and work background

* AA Nursing degree program in 1976
* Berkeley Free Clinic volenteer in 1977
* Graduated as a certified Natural Health Care Practitioner from the Sarasota School of Healing Arts in 1980.
* Opened Second Wind Clinic for Mind and Body, the first massotherapy center in Captiva Island, Florida, 1981.
* Private practices in New York City, Big Sur California, San Francisco Bay area, Mansfield Ohio, and Carmel California.
* Esalen Institute ~ worked as a massotherapist from 1989-1992.
* Coordinated and managed Body Logic USA workshops for Yamuna Zake,  Spain, 1990.
* Visionary Cranial Sacral Therapy ~ Milne Institute.
* Energy Medicine and Acupuncture System Protocols ~ Donna Eden.
* Neuromuscular Soft Tissue Therapy ~ Paul St. John.
* Reiki training ~ Julie McPeek.
* Intuitive and Shamanic trainings ~ Donna Eden, Hugh Milne and others.
* Ohashiatsu ~ Waturo Ohashi
* Food as Medicine ~ Nutritional Therapy, Ann Marie Colbin, Misho Kushi.