Spend some time formulating your Sacred Inquiry theme question.  This question will provide
a starting place for your session.  You will email me your theme question when we schedule an
appointment time.

 Before your session, create a quiet comfortable environment where you will not be interrupted or distracted.

 Set a clear intention for our time together. Take time to write down your important questions
that pertain to your theme question. This list will help to keep you
focused and act as a clear guide for you to refer to.

 It is not necessary to share too much information with me before or during your session.
I will pause at different intervals during our time together to interact with you and confirm that we
are on the right track. After the reading portion of your session, there will be time for your questions.

 Be prepared to take notes or record your reading.
Clarity will continue to come in the following days
and weeks as you integrate and review your notes and the information offered.

Schedule / Payment

Image courtesy of Michael Green Arts