How to SCHEDULE & PURCHASE your Sacred Inquiry session:
1) Fill out the CONTACT information and MESSAGE BOX with the following information.
*CONTACT PHONE if you would like to be reached by phone initially .
*INTUITIVE SERVICE or ART that you are interested in.
2) I will contact you once I receive your email. Scheduling and payment will take place at this time.

*Victoria will call all USA clients at the scheduled time of your session unless other arrangements
have been made such as Skype.
*All Intuitive services are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) California.
Monday – Saturdays 9:30-11a.m.& 3-5 p.m. Please plan accordingly for your time zone.

*SKYPE video call: requires your skype contact information and a ‘contact request’ sent by you to me through email
at the time we schedule your appointment.
*PHONE call: You may place a call to me at the scheduled time of your appointment and at your additional expense if fees apply.
*Please provide your country and time zone conversion when we are scheduling so that we are clear when your session will take place.

*To change or cancel an existing appointment please call 831.624.0233 PST California USA. United States clients please call the office directly. International clients please call or email me at A 72 hour window is required in advance of your appointment for a full refund or to change your scheduled time.
*A $100. dollar fee is charged for all appointments that fall within the 72 hour cancellation window. Additionally, if I don’t hear from you or you are late for your session, a 15 minute courtesy window is extended; after this 15 minute courtesy your session is considered cancelled and your session fee becomes nonrefundable.

*If you would like your session to be recorded you may go to
Follow the instructions on that site which will set you up for a recorded call. You
are responsible for understanding how to record your session. Please email me your USA call in phone # and your id as soon as you set up your
recording feature and we recommend at least 3 days ahead of your scheduled session time.

*Please be prepared to start your recorded call several minutes ahead of your appointment time
so that when I call into the conference call you are ready to record.

*All International clients please email me only the USA call in and id pin # information and not
your International ‘call in’ phone # which you will use to access the recording feature.

*You are responsible to send me the information once you are setup and at least 3 days
prior to your scheduled session.