“A thinker collects and links up proofs. A mystic does just the opposite…
He lays his head on a person’s chest and sinks into the answers”. ~ Rumi

Sacred Inquiry ~ Body Map

Body Map is a remote body scanning technique utilizing visionary cranial-sacral holds and acupuncture points. A multifaceted deep listening meditation reveals your body-mind history. What happened back then and what is current now are clarified. While tuning into your body’s internet system, I hear and witness the physical and mental-emotional events which have formed your beliefs and habits. I present and we discuss whatever your body is asking for and how to integrate it into your here and now.  Specific practical and tangible actions are requested by your body’s larger wisdom.  This reading gives you the opportunity to make the shifts that are needed to reset and restore your well-being.

How to prepare45 min. ~ $125. 

Sacred Inquiry ~ Comprehensive Reading

 This multidimensional reading from the ground of your being begins with the Sacred Inquiry question which you will write in preparation and send to me in advance.  Your theme question can be focused on a life challenge, a health concern, a business project, a wish for love, passion, or purpose. The portal opens as we address your question.  I hear your extended guidance from spirit, sensing your answers through images, words, and feelings.  This process is called clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. During your session a message from a passed away loved one may be given. This is called mediumship and serves to further support the guidance you are receiving.

In addition, a Body Map overview reveals how your old beliefs and coping mechanisms are useful allies for the answers you seek.  Your body asks for exactly what is needed from you via actions so that the internal shifts can take place. As you experience the power of being witnessed, deep changes can occur. We weave it all together with interactive questions and answers, leaving you with grounded, practical tools for living the life you want.  Prerequisite to the Focused Reading, Intuitive Coaching & Consulting services.

How to prepare  60 min. ~ $150. 

Sacred Inquiry ~ Focused Reading

At some point after your Comprehensive Reading or Body Map session, further questions may arise. This short session focuses on a specific topic. You receive insight from higher wisdom and precise, practical guidance for your movement forward.
30 min. ~ $100.

Sacred Inquiry ~ Intuitive Coaching

This is ongoing support that guides and informs you as you build on the reading you have already received. These coaching sessions support lasting and real changes in your life. Dynamic, practical tools are tailored  and fine tuned to your ongoing specific needs. Interactive Q&A.

Single session ~ 30 min. $100..  

Series of 3 sessions ~ $275.

Sacred Inquiry ~ Monthly Consulting Services for all your personal and business needs.

 Are you writing a book, working on a business project, family dynamic, career path decision, or personal issue? Collaborative interfacing is an invaluable support on the journey, when informed and guided by higher wisdom. Please contact me for further information to determine if this is a fit for you. One month minimum with weekly sessions.
Monthly ~ $900.

Sacred Inquiry ~ Fine Art Paintings, Vibrant Universal images as themes for our lives

♦Art Gallery & Intuitive Service Bundle

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“Victoria’s Sacred Inquiry reading went straight to the heart of the matter. She put me in touch with what I already deeply knew and clarified the path before me.” ~ Dr. Michael Arnold, Monterey CA

Image courtesy of Michael Green Arts