“Victoria created a temple in which to bring quite detailed answers to my life. I have understood the beginnings of tending my garden. I highly recommend Sacred Inquiry to a person who is willing to touch his/her inner core with a safe, gifted guide and emerge as a whole being. Victoria is that guide.” Ann B. Spanish Bay, CA

“Victoria is my guardian angel here on earth. Whether it’s touch…You will never find a better body worker…Her psychic abilities that have guided me always so spot on…Or her loving, gentle spirit…she is the REAL DEAL!! Maureen M., Chicago, IL

“Victoria has been a gift in my life. Her healing touch and intuitive abilities have brought me much needed insight and nurturing. Victoria’s sacred inquiry technique is like none I have ever experienced. She is a true channel to the divine and is in alignment with the highest good for those she serves. Her integrity is impeccable and she is inspiring to work with. It has been an honor to experience her gifts over the past 20 years she just gets better and better. I am so happy to have her as part of our team. I whole heartedly recommend her.”
Oona Hull LAc Carmel, CA
Owner of The Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center

“My sacred inquiry session with Victoria was a profound spiritual experience. The sense of peace and healing I gained was invaluable. Victoria has mastered her beautiful gift and has an extraordinary ability to use it in a delightfully encouraging, uplifting manner. Though we had not met in person prior to our session, it was clear that she understood me on a very deep level. With the sacred inquiry guidance she brought to me, I gained a clarity that I have been trying to find for a long time. I am so grateful and would encourage anyone with an open mind and heart to learn more about this fascinating work.”
Beccie M., Monterey, CA

“I absolutely LOVE Victoria’s art work. I’ve hung my ‘RIVER’ print in my creative-meditative work space, as gazing at the vibrant turquoise river helps to calm my “internal chatter”, allowing me to connect fully with the flow of the divine source of creativity.” Cristi K.,